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Dental Clinic in West Milford Offers Life-Changing Services for Those in Need

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On Thursday Harrison County Commission voted to fund the Susan Dew Hoff Memorial Clinic $50,000. All of the money will go toward providing dental care to those who need it most.

"All the money we get goes to people who are the working poor of Harrison County, people who work and live in Harrison County, but have dental needs that can't afford to have it done," said Sister Mary Rebecca Fidler, the director of the clinic.

The clinic, located in West Milford, is named after Susan Dew Hoff, the first woman in West Virginia to get a medical license. She practiced in West Milford for nearly 50 years.

Fidler runs the clinic and all of the dentists are volunteers.

Fidler said the services are free, but people will pay what they can if they are able to.

"We do ask sometimes that the patient pay a little bit so they can keep their dignity that they are paying on it. We have some people who have been paying $5 a month for two or three years," Fidler explained.

Dr. Rebecca Day is one of the dentists who volunteer at the clinic a few times a month.

"It's a good service we can do for the community and for those that can't afford dental care or don't have dental insurance, but are out there working," said Day.

Day said the services the clinic offers can be life changing.

"This was a case that was done: a gentleman had to have his teeth extracted due to dental cavities and parodontal disease and this is the after with his complete upper and lower dentures. It's a life changer for him," explained Day.

Fidler said professional volunteers are always needed to keep the clinic running.

There is a long waiting list to get into the clinic, and it's only available to residents of Harrison County.

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