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Mon. County School Receives Funding From SBA for New School

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On Monday, the School Building Authority gave Monongalia County Schools the green light to build a new Suncrest Elementary School.

The school will be built where a trailer park and gun shop sit along Collins Ferry road.

In March, Monongalia County was one of 19 others asking the SBA for money.

The school system will receive $8.6 of the nearly $16 million it needs to build.

"Part of the plan is that we'd ask for redistricting also because the enrollment of North Elementary is so large. So right now we're looking at the area that would allow students to come over to the new elementary school," said Superintendent Frank Devono.

The Suncrest School was built in 1918.

Devono said he hopes to utilize the many green features in the new school as they did at Eastwood elementary which opened last spring.


Monongalia County schools is one of the fastest growing school system in the state. That's one reason it's asking the state school building authority for nearly $11 million of the $16 million needed to build a new elementary school.

Schools across state have asked for more than $100 million in funding for similar projects{dot} The SBA said it only has $45 million to allocate{dot}

The Monongalia County Board of Education is looking at replacing 96-year-old Suncrest Primary Elementary.

It's in need of upgrades and is over populated. The school also sends 4th and 5th graders to North Elementary.

"The history the building is beautiful, but it's time to move on and give the kids what they need," said Principal Joanne Hines.

Land to build the school has been secured along Collins Ferry Road. Principal Hines understands just how big a move this could be.

"Anytime you have a wonderful fresh new facility, it really does add to the students being able to feel good about themselves, about their school," she said.

Across Morgantown, Eastwood Elementary understands that better than most.

It's been nearly a year since the school opened and parents are saying their students are more motivated to learn because of the new facility.

"There is a sense of pride here belonging to a green school," said Karen Davis, a parent of twin third graders. "That's opened up doors in our curriculum that are much healthier. The children are excited about the new topic and want to research them more and incorporate them into their lives."

"Overtime I have seen them show more respect for the building, and they seem to be more motivated to lean," said Eastwood teacher Amy Ellis. "I just see more excited students every morning."

But don't just take the teacher's word for it. Students tell 12News that they love the new space.

"Whenever we had gym in that school (Easton Elementary) we usually had to be in our classroom, in another classroom or outside," said third grader Wesley Davis.

"Art class was always in a classroom, and the teacher had to always carry around a bucket which had to be hard on the stars," added Davis's sister Shelby. "Now we have drying racks which is nice to paint with."

The SBA will make it's funding decision in April.

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