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Upshur County Fire Academy Students Learn About Fire Apparatus, Trucks

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Tuesday night marked Week Three of the Upshur County Citizen's Fire Academy, and it went off without a hitch, thanks to the help of some Lewis County firefighters.

The original plan was to do aircraft fire rescue, but due to the weather, students learned about fire apparatus operations instead.

Crews from Jane Lew and Jackson's Mill were there to help the public understand the tools they use to keep the public safe.

"Let them get hands on and see what a fire engine is, the amount of tools and equipment we carry on a fire engine, as well as a fire department tanker, for rural water movement, and a wild landbrush truck for fighting wild land fires, which is a pretty good topic for this time of year," said Chief Eddie Taylor of the Jane Lew Fire Department.

"Actually, at one point, I was asked to try to drag a large firefighter across the floor and all of his gear, just to see how hard it would be," said student Brandi Nesbitt.

Future topics include fire death investigation, search and rescue, and auto extrication.

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