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Officials Urge Caution After Late Winter Storm

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Roads were mostly clear Monday morning in Lewis County, even after a late winter storm dropped eight inches of snow in some areas. But this late in the season, the snow itself isn't as much of a threat as what happens after it falls. It doesn't take very much water to flood area waterways, and emergency officials said they could see melting near those levels.

"Basically, two to two and a half inches of rain in a 24 hour period. So as wet and heavy as the snow is and the ground's warm, it won't take long for it to melt, I don't think," said Bill Rowan, emergency operations director in Lewis County.

The warm temperatures for the day have already begun to melt away some snow, but with dropping temperatures overnight, there's potential for it to refreeze on roads, leaving black ice for the morning commute, that people shouldn't discount so quickly.

"Anytime the temperatures are at freezing or below freezing, you need to be cautious because particularly in shady areas, because particularly in shady areas, you never know, frequently you'll encounter some black ice or frozen areas on the roadway," said the Division of Highways' Ron Smith.

As with most storms, Rowan said preparation is the best strategy to dealing with the storm's aftermath, and making sure you have supplies easily on hand can help keep you safe.

"A vehicle kit, just to, if you're stuck in traffic, to sit there for a while. In this type of weather, make sure your tank of gas is full and just be prepared," Rowan said.

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