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Darnell Bouie Found Guilty of 2010 Clarksburg Murder

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Darnell Bouie Darnell Bouie

Update (3/21/2014)

A jury returned its guilty verdict in the Darnell Bouie murder trial Friday afternoon.  The jury found Bouie guilty of one count of first degree murder and one court of conspiracy.  A sentencing date has not been set.

Update (3/19/2014)

For the past three days witnesses have been testifying in the case against Darnell "Nish" Bouie in Harrison County.

Bouie is accused of fatally shooting Jayar Poindexter in January of 2010 at the Quarry Apartments in Clarksburg.

On Monday, the jury heard from Poindexter's girlfriend, and heard the 911 tape.

On Tuesday, two Clarksburg police officers who were assigned to the case testified and the prosecution showed photos from the crime scene, including footprints outside of Poindexter's window.

Several witnesses took the stand on Wednesday.

Two of whom were with Bouie and co-defendant Ennis "EC" Payne the night of Poindexter's death.

Both said they went to the Quarry with Bouie and Payne that night after being at the Ordinary Bar in Clarksburg.

A forensic pathologist from the Medical Examiner's office in Charleston, who performed the autopsy on Poindexter, also took the stand.

She testified about the path of the bullet, and the cause of death which she determined to be from the gunshot wound.

The prosecution also submitted the bullet into evidence.

Bouie's trial will continue on Thursday.

Update (3/18/2014)

Bouie is accused of fatally shooting Jayar Poindexter in January 2010 at the Quarry Apartments in Clarksburg.

Several people testified, including two former Clarksburg police officers who investigated the case, and a neighbor of Poindexter's who found evidence near the scene.

The prosecution submitted photos today that showed footprints near Poindexter's window the night of the shooting.

The Medical Examiner also testified.

The trial will continue tomorrow.


The trial of a man accused of first degree murder in the January 13, 2010 shooting death of Jayar "Trevor" Poindexter continued in Harrison County Circuit Court Monday. Darnell "Nish" Carlton Bouie, 35, of Turtle Creek, Pa. was arrested by United States Marshals in Sept. 2012. A jury of three men and nine women were seated on Friday, March 14.

Opening statements began Monday, and the jury heard the 911 tape. In the afternoon, the jury heard from three people who provided surveillance footage from downtown Clarksburg and the Bridgeport Go Mart. The jury heard from Poindexter's girlfriend, Jennifer Hall. She testified she was asleep when she was awakened by Poindexter struggling at the window beside the bed. Hall said Poindexter fell to the floor, then she called 911. During cross examination, she admitted that she didn't know how Poindexter paid the bills, but she later found out that he sold marijuana. She testified that several people were in and out of the apartment that night, and that she was afraid for her life.

The trial will continue Tuesday.

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