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Day 6: Michael Palmer Trial

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The trial for a Marion County man accused of murder continued Monday in Harrison County court. Michael Palmer along with his wife Kristyn are accused of shooting and killing her father, Ed Wilson, in 2011.

The jury heard from a defense witness, out of order, due to his travel on the sixth day of testimony Monday. Larry Dehus, a crime scene investigation and firearm expert, testified about the proximity in the Palmer's home he believed the shots were fired from. Pat Wilson challenged Dehus' credibility by indicating that his investigative business is not certified. Wilson also indicated that Dehus typically testifies for defense cases.

The prosecution resumed its case Monday afternoon.  Friends of Everett "Ed" Wilson testified that he was upset with the Palmer's and that he wanted his property to go to his grandson.  

Friends of the victim testified that Ed was upset with the Palmer's and one witness testified that it was Ed's wishes that his property go to his grandson Cody. The last witness who testified Monday was Ed Wilson's son's former girlfriend, Misty Jeffery, a former heroin addict. Due to her lifestyle, she had a pair of brass knuckles. When going out one night, Dustin, Ed's son, asked if she had anything on her that could get them into trouble. Dustin took the brass knuckles from Jeffery and put them in Wilson's truck. She testified that she was able to positively ID the brass knuckles.  Jeffery testified that she's been heroin-free for about three years.  The defense tried to impune Jeffery's credibility by citing her drug history.

Testimony will continue Tuesday.  You can read more about previous testimony by clicking here.

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