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Shack Neighborhood House &WVU Host Obesity and Diabetes Outreach Program

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Most people are under the impression that buying and cooking healthy food is too expensive or too time consuming. The SHACK Neighborhood House is proving to parents that it's not always true.

"My philosophy is, if you can't pronounce it and spell it from memory you probably shouldn't be putting it in your body," said Chris Hall, the owner of 'My Kitchen.' "The thing that always kills me is people go and they buy these processed boxes and cans of stuff and if you make this stuff from scratch a lot of it's even faster."

Hall taught the Healthy Cooking class to parents wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.

It's part of a six week community outreach program through WVU for diabetes and obesity. It's the end result of focus groups done at the Shack Neighborhood house by WVU graduate student, Sara LaBelle.

"Asking the families who use this center what they're interesting in, in terms of improving their health and what will benefit them? What they said was we want to learn how to cook healthy, easy meals," said LaBelle. "We want to incorporate light exercise into our daily routine and using out entire family and getting them involved, and we want to know what to buy at the grocery store."

The program is funded through the Benedum Foundation.

Hall helped the parents cook a stir fry dinner without any packaged foods. He explained it's easy to shop healthy if you just follow one simple rule.

"Stay on the fringes when you go in the grocery store. I think that's probably the biggest thing I can say to anything you cook," said Hall. "Stay in the dairy, stay in the produce, stay in the meats. There's really no reason to go into the middle where all of the boxes and cans of stuff are."

Future classes will include tips for exercising.

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