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Day 4: Michael Palmer Murder Trial

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Several witnesses took the stand for a Marion County man's murder trial in Harrison County on Thursday.

The state called John Brownlee to take the stand first thing in the morning.

He told the court he lived across the street from Michael and Kristyn Palmer for about two years before they allegedly shot and killed her father, Ed Wilson, in 2011.

Brownlee said he was a good friend of Ed Wilson, but he had minimal interaction with the Palmers.

The night Ed Wilson was shot and killed, Brownlee said he was playing college football on Playstation 3 in his living room. He told the jury he heard Ed Wilson pull into the driveway.

He said usually the lights from his truck would disappear behind the Palmer residence when he parked in his car pool. But this time the headlights were shining across the street and into his residence. He said Ed Wilson parked diagonal and left his door open.

He said within 45 seconds of the lights coming through the window, he heard the two gun shots.

Brownlee said he called 911 nearly 3-5 minutes after he heard the shots and determined what they were. He told Marion County Prosecutor Pat Wilson that he heard no commotion before the shooting.

"It's a quiet neighborhood. I can pretty much hear anything," he said.

He told the court after he called 911, he walked outside and saw Palmer's next door neighbor, A.J. Tichenor, on his porch. He heard Tichenor saying 'Oh my God' over and over.

He said that's when he heard Palmer respond: 'Get back in the [expletive] house. This is none of your [expletive] business', Brownlee said.

During cross-examination, Defense Attorney Sean Murphy brought up Brownlee's original statement from the night of the murder.

The defense argued Brownlee didn't say anything about the headlights or hearing Ed Wilson pull in.

Brownlee responded that the deputy told him to only write down what was important.

Murphy asked why it took Brownlee so long to call 911 after hearing the gun shots in to which he responded that he wanted to make sure he was correct.

Also in his testimony, Brownlee also told the jury he witnessed Michael Palmer's wife Kristyn come out of the basement door approximately five minutes after the shooting. He described her as calm and collected.

According to Brownlee, Kristyn said: Her father had broken down the door and her husband shot him. She then continued to walk around looking for her dog.

Pat Wilson also called First Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, Nabila Haikal, to the stand. She explained Ed Wilson's injuries, the path the bullet took through his body, and whether or not brass knuckles could have been on his hand in the incident.

Haikal said Ed Wilson's death was not instant. The bullet went through soft tissue and the aorta. The entrance wound was on his left side and the exit wound was on the right side.

"If an individual is entering through the door, my findings indicate that the persons left side is facing the barrel. There would be a slight downward inclination of the left side toward the barrel," Haikal told the jury.

Haikal said there was evidence of significant heart disease, high blood pressure, enlarged prostate, and more.

The only other visible injuries on Ed Wilson's body was an injury to his fingers and knuckles on his right hand. Haikal told the court it was a blunt force injury.

The determined cause of death was a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

She also told the jury Ed Wilson's blood alcohol content was 0.21, according to the toxicology report.

Defense Attorney Sean Murphy asked Haikal to that would effect everyone's judgment and could effect behavior. She responded yes.

Two of Ed Wilson's friends from the VFW also testified about his demeanor at the bar the night he was killed.

Commander at VFW Post 629, James Kirby, said he knew Ed Wilson for 2-3 years and never saw him get angry at the bar. He said he was also extremely happy, especially the night he was killed.

VFW Bartender, Donna Snyder, told the jury Ed Wilson was typically a happy person. But he would often get upset during phone calls he received while at the bar. She said there were many times she would have to calm him down.

The night of his murder, she heard Ed Wilson tell someone on the phone that 'he would be there'. That's the last time Snyder saw him.

Testimony will continue Friday morning. For previous stories, click on the link.

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