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Residents Concerned About Condition of Route 23 in Tyler County

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Tyler County -

Route 23 is one of the main roads that runs through Tyler County, and has a high amount of traffic every day.

There's one section of Route 23 that residents are concerned with. It could be considered a hole, or a road slip, but either way the residents want help.

Residents first noticed the problem about two years ago and it has only gotten worse.

Bill Roberts is a resident who lives nearby and said there aren't enough signs letting oncoming traffic know about the road, and the danger it poses.

"With the snow on it, they went probably two feet left of where the road is broken away and when it hit the other side it bounced it back in and went straight across the road. It had to be a pickup truck, but the frame hit on the road. It was that bad," said Roberts.

Amanda Spencer is a bus driver for Tyler County Schools and travels the road every day. She said the constant truck traffic doesn't help the situation, and she takes extra precautions when driving the bus.

"We have the huge trucks that run this road. The wide-loads, semi's, dump trucks. Driving the school bus I have to go down as low as 15 mph because it is just so rough," Spencer said.

Spencer will still drive the bus on Route 23, but Jefferson Run Road in Tyler County is so bad, that buses aren't allowed to travel on it anymore, and residents have to pick their students up.

"We ran this route the first day the second day and then half the road washed out and the culvert fell apart. We discontinued to run it," explained Troy Smith, Transportation Director for Tyler County Schools.

The parents now have to drive to the end of the road to pick up and drop off their kids.

"We have to go up and down it twice a day for the busses, and you never know when it's just going to go," said Samantha Delong, a parent and resident of Jefferson Run Road.

"I don't have a problem taking my daughter to the bus stop and back but a lot of these parents work and have to make other arrangements for their kids to get to the bus. It's a big inconvenience," April Doll said.

The Division of Highways said it had crews out earlier in the week on Route 23 to widen the ditch line, so that when construction begins there will still be one lane of traffic open.

The weather stopped crews from working on Wednesday and Thursday.

The expected completion date for the project is March 31, weather permitting.

All residents agree that something needs done soon, before someone gets hurt.

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