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Lumberport Elementary Students Interview Harrison County BOE Candidates

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Election Day is just a few months away, and for the Harrison County school system, it's an important one: three seats on the Board of Education are up for grabs.

On Tuesday, Board of Education candidates were in the hot seat, as students from Lumberport Elementary School asked the hard-hitting questions regarding the future success of Harrison County schools.

"Well, I'm here to know the people running for board members a little bit more better than I already know them," Matt Cheuvront, a student council member at Lumberport Elementary.

Any candidate running in an election knows the drill: getting grilled by the public and being asked the tough questions.

"Well, I have been working on some questions. One of them is, 'Are you going to upgrade the old schools?' And how are you going to deal with all the snow days next year?" said Cheuvront.

All five Harrison County Board of Education candidates had the chance to answer a series of questions by student council members at Lumberport Elementary and their teachers. Panelists asked the candidates about a variety of topics, from the value of student input to BOE members' presence in every school.

"That's very important for students to understand the political process from an early age because basically, they are our future, and they're the ones who will be making the decisions," said Shannan Hines of the Political Action Committee.

"We get to share our student council with the Harrison County Board of Education," said student Annalise Gentilozzi.

"The contribution they made, we're just real proud of them," said Sheri Navarini, a second-grade teacher.

Cody Gorby is the student council vice president and says he's happy to be a voice for his fellow students.

"Well, it's important because you get to help your school figure out what needs to get done, and you can help other students and stuff," said Cody Gorby.

"We talk about teachers being on the frontline. Well, so are our students, and I think anytime we can hear from either one, or both bodies at the same time, it's really a great opportunity for us," said David Sturm, who is currently the president of the Harrison County BOE.

Sturm's fellow board member, Allen Gorrell, is also running for re-election. Gorrell was a teacher for nine years and a principal for nearly 30 years, so for him, it was good to come back to Lumberport, where it all began.

"This was my first teaching job in Harrison County. I came here, taught sixth grade, had 42 students in a sixth grade classroom. It's kind of like a homecoming," said Gorrell.

The three challengers are Frank Devono, Jr., Michael Daugherty, and Kristin Colombo Messenger.

That election will take place on May 13.

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