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FGH Holds 'Look Good, Feel Better' Program For Cancer Patients

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Marion County resident, Madaline Martin, has been fighting the toughest battle of her life for the past two years, colon cancer.

"Horrible. I've had surgeries where I've almost died," she said. "They did a colostomy bag. I've had to have that. I've had 3 or 4 blood transfusions."

Martha Ingram said she can easily relate.

"Just about a month ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer," she said. "I have two operations and they got it and now I am taking radiation."

Fairmont General Hospital employees realize these women, as well as millions of others, have been through a lot.

"When women are going through the process of getting treatment for cancer, very often they can experience some side effects such as dry skin, hair loss. They can have a multitude of symptoms," said Tricia Julian, Fairmont General Hospital.

The American Cancer Society and FGH hold the "Look Good, Feel Better" program every year at the hospital.

It aims to teach women how to safely apply makeup during cancer treatment and make them feel beautiful during a dark time.

"We have them go through the process of applying makeup safely because you have to be careful of your blood counts being low and being susceptible to infection," Julian said.

Women said events like this are extremely important for many reasons.

"They draw you together, people that's had cancer. I think its better. It shows you how to look better and feel better when sometimes you don't feel so good," Martin said.

"You talk to other people that have had cancer and different types of cancer," Ingram said. "you see how they feel and everything. It boosts you up to get out and talk to other ones that are going through some of the things that you're going through."

The event was completely free and is offered every year.

For additional information, click on the link.

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