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New Year, New You: Aqua Zumba Becoming Popular at the YMCA

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With five different class times Zumba is one of the most popular classes at the Harrison County YMCA. But one class is not like the others, it's held in the pool of the Lowndes Hill branch.

Nerian Weekley became a Zumba instructor in April of 2013, and got certified in aqua Zumba just one month later.

"I took one class and I got hooked, so I said, 'you know what, I'm already an instructor' so I went for it," said Weekley.

Weekley said that Zumba and aqua Zumba are very different, not just because it's taught in the water, but because it's a total body workout.

"With the water you have more resistance. It's not just working one muscle and not the other. When you are on land and you do a bicep curl, that's all you're doing is working your bicep. When you are in the water you are going up with your bicep, down with your triceps. It works several groups of muscles at the same time," explained Weekley.

Weekley has to modify normal Zumba moves so they can be done in the water, one way she does that is by using a chair.

"I get on the chair if we need to do level two or three moves. Level three is suspending the feet in the water and I want to show them a way to do it so I use the chair," said Weekley.

Weekley also slows the moves down so they can be done in the water.

Aqua Zumba is offered twice a week on Monday's and Wednesday's, but Weekley said she hopes to teach it more often.

"We're trying to bring a night class to the pool. It's very popular and I've had lots of people request it, so we are working on that," Weekley said.

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