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UHS Students Participate in Driving Safety Program

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A University High School student answers questions about distracted driving for The Century Council. A University High School student answers questions about distracted driving for The Century Council.

The Century Council said underage drinking and driving fatalities are down almost 60 percent since 1991, but thousands of teenagers die in vehicle accidents each year.

The Century Council went to University High School to not only test the students knowledge about driving, but collect data for a national survey.

"We had a partnership with the century council to do the I Know Everything Campaign," said Ashley Faulkner, a UHS student and member of the FCCLA. "As an idea to gather data and inform students on safe driving habits and different things on distracted driving."

Faulkner is a part of the Family, Career, Community Leaders of America, or FCCLA. She applied to have Stacey Berger and The Century Council come to UHS.

"It's a teen driving safety program and new drivers think they know everything," said Berger. "The challenge shows the students that they need to do a little homework to do if they want to make honor roll."

Students answered questions about what could cause them to be distracted while driving.

Monongalia County Sheriff Al Kisner said it's important for new drivers to learn about these distractions.

"If you can relate stories to them that happen to other people then they take it more seriously," said Kisner. "And they really understand these are the things that can happen to me if I'm caught driving drunk as an underage person, if I'm in an accident because I'm on my cell phone or texting or something."

The Century Council tracked each answer the students gave for the questions.

"We're collecting data for a national study. The National study is going to be used in classrooms across the United States," said Berger. "This way teachers can more effectively educate their students on teen driver safety based on what they already know."

The 'I Know Everything' quiz is a good way to prepare young drivers for common driving mishaps. Some students were surprised at how much they knew, and didn't know.

"There's always different scenarios and situations and sometimes off the top of your head you don't always think of the smartest idea and I think it was really cool to think about it," explained Faulkner. "Even while I was sitting up there watching it, I was thinking about what I would have done in those situations. And sometimes I was right and sometimes I definitely had my eyes opened to what I should have done."

The Century Council will be traveling across the United States to do these surveys at different high schools. They expect the research to be done by the end of the 2014 school year.

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