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Fairmont Senior State Champion Dedicates Victory To Great-Grandfather

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Anthony Alvaro and Vincent Delligatti dedicated countless years of their time, energy, and determination for one moment. And it all paid off. They left Charleston as state champions.

"We stepped it up at regional's and at states. We had the best season I've ever wrestled," Alvaro said.

"All the pieces fell in place that night. We just all ended on a high note. It was a great time," Delligatti added.

For Brent Barber, the story is a little different.

It didn't take more than a decade of wrestling. It took two seasons.

"One day Coach Delligatti came up to me and said 'we don't have a 285'. So I just thought I would try it out and see how it went," Barber said.

To say the least, it went fantastic.

Barber qualified for States in 2013 and ended up winning it all last weekend.

"That shows you a lot of what kind of ability he has," said Mark Delligatti, Fairmont Senior Wrestling Coach. "I've had guys that have come out for wrestling as a freshman or sophomore and have place in the states. But to actually come out and be a state champion, I've never heard of it before."

Barber's family and teammates said tears began to flow the moment he won the match.

Barber pointed to the sky. He didn't just to it for himself or his school. He did it for someone else.

"My grandpa, he meant a lot to me. He passed away. I stood there the whole time with him until he died," Barber said.

Barber's great-grandfather, Leo DeMary, passed away a week before regional's.

The death was so sudden that Barber was about to make a decision that would have changed everything.

"I wasn't going to wrestle at all. I was just going to say forget it and I would never have won," he said.

It was a family member who was going through a personal issue herself that changed his mind.

"I'm telling him you need to do it for your grandpa. Basically I was just like this is not just a match. This is your regional's, what you've worked for all season long. This will take you to states," said Johnna Uveges, Barber's aunt.

Barber says he took the words to heart.

From regional's to his victory at the state tournament, Barber said it was dedicated to one person, and one person only.

"If you ask him how he feels about it, I asked him as soon as he won. He said 'well I didn't do it for me. I did it for grandpa'," Uveges said.

"I just looked up and just was thinking about him," he said.

With one year left, Barber said his time on the mat isn't quite over yet. He said there is a lot left to accomplish.


Brent Barber entered states ranked as #7 ranked 285.

Barber claimed the team's third individual state championship with a win over Caije Nichols of Roane County in overtime in the last match of the night. Nichols pinned Barber twice earlier in the season.

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