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New Year, New You: Giggle, Wiggle, Splash Combines Fun and Learning for Children

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The Harrison County YMCA offers a number of programs from aerobics, to strength training, and even kids classes. One of the most popular combines playtime and swimming.

Giggle, Wiggle, Splash is aimed at children ages six months to three years.

Peggy Sue Miller is a volunteer and one of the instructors of the class and said the program originally started with just splash, and wiggle, giggle was added recently.

"We play in here, this a new addition, and we just play. It's all about kids get used to other kids and parents seeing what other kids can do," said Miller.

Miller said that the playtime part of the class is great for social interaction between the kids.

"Just today with the parachute, some of them were scared, and they saw other kids running in and doing it, or a mom grabbed someone else's kid and ran them under. That's what it's all about. They learn from each other," said Miller.

After the kids play it's time to get in the pool and learn about swimming, which Miller is passionate about.

"Our goal is if one of them would fall in, they would know to float or reach for the side. We put all the little pieces together, we learn to kick right, we blow bubbles, we use our arms, and we sing songs. They just have a good time; all of us have a good time," Miller explained.

Dawn Woodburn has been bringing her daughter Ivy to Giggle, Wiggle, Splash for the last three session.  She said there's a good balance between playing and swimming.

"It's one of our favorite things to do during the week and I'm so glad the Y offers this because we get to play first and swim second and the kids get the best of both worlds," Woodburn said.

Woodburn said she's encouraged friends to come to the program, because what they learn is so valuable.

"It's so important at this age to socialize with other kids and learn important skills like how to swim and not to be afraid of the water, its very valuable," said Woodburn.

For more information on Giggle, Wiggle, Splash or other programs offered at the Y click here.

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