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RRT: Jameson's Pub & Eatery

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When you think of downtown Morgantown you might think of college students heading out to the bars. But High Street has a lot more to offer. Including, Jameson's Pub & Eatery which has two very important things: a friendly atmosphere, and locally grown food.

"Everybody just seems to know each other, it's like Cheers. There's attorneys sitting over to my right and the secretaries are over here to my left," said Mark Trump, a customer. "The police come down once in a while with us, it's just like a gathering place for everybody."

Trump said he goes to Jameson's a couple times a week.

He said he comes by so often because it's close to his workplace and the restaurant uses all local ingredients.

"Hawthorne Deli Farms, I believe it's out of Clarksburg, I believe we get our beef from there, we also get our poultry from there as well," said Bobby Nutter, a bartender at Jameson's. "All the food here is fresh, never frozen. All the ingredients are house made. The beer batter is a mixture of three beers, a stout, an ale, and a couple other things. The mashed potatoes are all locally grown as well."

"You can actually taste the difference, the hamburgers, the fish. No fish tastes at all like this, it was excellent," said Trump. "And like you said it's locally grown and raised right around the area."

It took the owners more than a year to transform the former furniture store into Jameson's.

It's open every day for lunch and dinner. After ten it becomes a 21 and over bar but the vibe isn't set to attract the college crowd.

"Professional people that love the atmosphere. The music isn't too loud or too recent. We play some Zeppelin we'll play some Billy Idol," said Nutter. "We play the classics that people like to hear but with some modern stuff as well."

Jameson's is located on High Street across from the Met Theater.

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