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Tow Trucks See Increase in Accidents Prior to Snow Storms

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Rain and snow and ice, oh my. It's a treacherous triumvirate that can leave your car in a sticky situation. But your sticky situation is the time to shine for tow truck drivers.

When the roads get tough, that's when the guys at Dan Riggs Garage and Towing get going. But their work load is actually lower on days like Monday when the snow covers the pathways.

"We are so deep into winter now that people either have learned how to drive in the snow, or they won't drive in the snow, or their car is still in the body shop from the last time," said Dan Griggs, the owner of the shop.

Riggs also said that his shop is busier before a big storm hits as people rush to the store for reinforcements.

"When the weatherman tells you all week long that we're going to get a storm, everyone prepares themselves for the storm," Griggs said. "They actually run out and go to the grocery stores early, and that's when we're really busy."

In fact, the guys at the shop will even use days like Monday to get ahead of their work and prepare the trucks for the next big storm.

"We make sure that the wheel lifts are free and easy so we can just slide them right open," said Justin Decewicz, a driver and mechanic for the shop. "We check oil, antifreeze, something everybody should do at times like this."

But when they do get the call, Decewicz said it feels good to help out.

"I like meeting new people. Helping people when they need it. Just the satisfaction knowing that we made something easier for somebody else."

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