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Rokisky's Exxon Seeing Lots of Vehicle Damage from Potholes

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We have all noticed that the potholes in the area seem to be popping up everywhere. They can be an annoyance and cause some headaches, but the biggest damage they do is on your vehicle.

"This is by far the worst we've seen in a long time, as long as I can remember," said Brian Rokisky, with Rokisky's Exxon.

Rokisky's Exxon in Clarksburg had 7 different pothole related problems come into the shop on Tuesday alone.

Rokisky said all of those bad roads have taken a toll on many vehicles.

"The most common thing we've seen is bent rims, cracked rims, busted struts, busted sway bar links, and busted tires of course," said Rokisky.

Potholes are caused by water forming under the road, freezing, and then thawing which causes the crevice. When vehicles drive over the top the blacktop will collapse.

Rokisky said you don't have to be driving at a high speed for your vehicle to be damaged by the pothole.

"The worst thing is if people have low tire pressure. A lot of times if the tire is low the jolt of the pothole can cause the tire to come up to hit the rim and pinch the side of the tire, causing a blowout on the side of the tire," explained Rokisky.

Potholes not only cause dents in your rims, but can put dents in your wallet as well.

"Tires anymore have gotten expensive, they can be anywhere from $100 a piece to $300 a piece. Rims can be anywhere from $100 used, to $1,000 for a new one," Rokisky said.

Rokisky said the best way to avoid having your vehicle in the service shop is to take is slow, and perform usual maintenance.

"Make sure you have the proper tire pressure, it can help when you hit the pothole. Have your vehicle checked to make sure everything is safe and nothing is broken. Drive slow and just be alert," said Rokisky.

For more information on Rokisky's Exxon click here.

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