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Restaurant Road Trip: Paco's Tacos

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For Larry and Sandy Rodriguez, the day starts early. The two prepare their own fresh tortillas, Mexican cheese and even sour cream. It's just part of the promise that comes with Paco's Tacos off of Highway 50 in Pennsboro.

Rodriguez, also known as Paco, said his family has been in the Mexican food business for 40 years.

"My stepmother, she was from Mexico, and these are all her recipes," said Rodriguez, who quit his job in July to help Sandy run the business. "Dad got tired of getting dirty in the machine shop business and they bought a little diner, like 14 seats, in Woodstock, Ill., and it took off."

The tortillas use butter instead of lard to make them healthier, but also to amp up the taste.

"You just start with flour. About eight cups I use," said Sandy Rodriguez, also known as "Loco" on the restaurant's Facebook page. "Baking soda, salt, butter. You have to cut in the butter cold. Then you mix water in. Hot water. The hotter the better."

From there, the tortilla goes to the assembly line.

"We'll make this one a beef one," said Larry Rodriguez as he piled the meat high. "Two scoops of beef in there, some of our signature refried beans."

And then, Rodriguez slathers on their homemade ranchero sauce and the muenster cheese. After a few minutes in the broiler, the big burrito masterpiece is complete.

The menu includes tacos, Mexican lasagna, taco salads and even a new creation: Paco fries.

"It is a corn tortilla with mashed potato, with cheese, and then with, Sandy spices them, and then they're rolled up," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said that the two hope to expand their business, possibly even into public office. He has filed for candidacy as mayor of Pennsboro, which could change the catering game of city council meetings forever.

"I would cater to the ladies in the office every Friday. Free lunch."

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