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Crawl Spaces Treated with EPA Recommendations Can Benefit Your Whole House

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The traditional way to treat crawl spaces can include plastic on the floors and insulation on the walls and beneath the floorboards. Recently the Environmental Protection Agency made new recommendations for how crawl spaces should be treated that can improve the quality of your whole house.

"We see homeowners who are amazed at the difference with their home heating costs as well as just the comfort level in their homes. Even such things like the number of bugs they find in their homes," said Randy Shillingburg, Director of Business Development at Basement Systems of WV.

All of those benefits can come from a new encapsulated and insulated system which the EPA recommends, and Basement Systems in Clarksburg can install.

"Essentially what we're doing in controlling the moisture underneath of the house, which is what generally affects the building materials and the air quality inside of the house," Patrick Edwardson explained.

Edwardson performs the inspections of crawl spaces for Basement Systems and said the process is a simple one, but can make a big difference in your home.

"We're isolating the house from the earth with a vapor barrier that seals to the foundation and we create a conditioned environment underneath of the house to control the humidity levels and also increase the energy efficiency of the home," said Edwardson.

Shillingburg said customers who have had their crawl spaces treated with the new system have seen a big difference in their home.

"One customer was amazed that at 10 degrees outside his crawl space was 60 some degrees. The reason was it was encapsulated and insulated and he saw a tremendous difference in the comfort of his home," Shillingburg said.

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