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Test it Tuesday: The Bacon Wave

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This week for Test it Tuesday Katie Dugan tried out this product the Bacon Wave.

 It is supposed to cook your bacon faster, healthier and crispier in just minutes.

 Since different bacon is different sizes, some kinds of bacon may need to be folded to the side.

The Bacon went on the Bacon Wave easily.

To keep the bacon from curling, you need to skewer the bacon with the skewers provided.  The skewers went through the bacon easily.

At first, Dugan tried putting three pieces of bacon to see how it works in a 900 watt microwave.

The Bacon Wave also comes with a sheet that tells you how many minutes or seconds to cook the bacon depending on how many pieces are cooking.

For a 900 watt microwave, three pieces of bacon go in for one minute and 45 seconds.

It didn't cook all the way through, so it had to go back in the microwave for 30 more seconds. The important thing to remember about the Bacon Wave is that the sheet is just a guideline, each microwave heats things up differently, so try to cook a piece or two first and see how it heats up.

The Bacon Wave is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

It washed off pretty well with just hot water, even between the slots .

Here is Dugan's final review of the Bacon Wave:

"The Bacon Wave stood up pretty well to our tests. It cooked straight and it didn't break like it was supposed to. Also, it's a very easy clean up. It may not save you a whole lot of time when it comes to actually cooking the bacon. But you don't have to be there at the pan flipping it, you can just pop it in. And also, it comes out delicious."

If you have a product you'd like to see tested out, send it to Katie on her Facebook by clicking HERE, or email her at kdugan@wboy.com


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