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Buckhannon Police Department Sponsors Meth Workshop for Residents

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The city of Buckhannon is taking a stand in the war against drugs, and residents came out to get educated on the issue while showing their support.

The Buckhannon Police Department held a meth identification and containment abatement workshop on Monday night.

"If you want to solve a problem, you have to admit that there's a problem first. To me, seeing a good turnout for this, is the community admitting that there's a problem," said Oofficer Nicholas Caynor of the Buckhannon Police Department.

Caynor knows a thing or two about clandestine methamphetamine labs. He has a certification and firsthand experience dealing with the dangers of meth. Caynor was taken to the hospital after responding to a car fire that involved a mobile meth lab.

"Upshur County is the fourth largest in the state for methamphetamine labs that have been busted," said David Beckner, a meth tester and abator.

Caynor showed dozens of residents a variety of tactics on how to identify meth labs and the materials used in the cook process. He also explained why law enforcement depends on the public.

"A lot of times they see things that are indicative of criminal activity every day, and it's not until they think about things in retrospect that, 'Hey, there's something going on there,'" said Caynor.

For plenty of residents, Monday's workshop couldn't come at a better time, just days after a drug incident near one of the city's parks.

"It's not just children down there swinging and riding the sliding boards," said resident Elissa Mills.

"We can be more alert and do a neighborhood watch," said resident Robyn Simons.

Mills owns several rental properties in Buckhannon. She said she just want to know what to look for.

"It's just not as simple as running background checks now. If one of your tenants is using it, it's not as simple as going in and mopping the floors and running a vacuum cleaner. You actually have to bring in a HAZMAT team, and in many cases, the property has to all but be destroyed because it's condemned," said Mills.

As always, Caynor advises anyone who suspects drug activity to contact your local law enforcement agency.

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