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Traditionally Treated Crawl Spaces Can Cause Homeowners' Problems

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When the temperatures drop as low as they have this winter, you can even feel the effects of it in your house. You might put some plastic on the windows or some insulation up to try to keep those drafts out, but the culprit could be underneath the floor boards.

Your crawl space might not be the first place you look when you're having problems in your home, in fact you might forget it's there all together.

Basement Systems in Clarksburg is trying to spread the word about the problems untreated crawl spaces can cause.

"Many times people don't even inspect or look at their crawl spaces for years. Crawl spaces are dirty and they might have mold growing in them. It really creates health problems for homeowners as well as a safety problem," said Randy Shillingburg, with Basement Systems.

These crawl spaces are still using the traditional method of treating them.

"You have vents that are put on the foundational and generally a thin layer of plastic on the surface of the ground and usually when you walk in you'll see insulation up under the floors," Patrick Edwardson explained.

The Environmental Protection Agency now has new recommendations for how a crawl space should be treated, because the old method isn't efficient.

There are a number of ways you can tell if your home needs inspected without having to step a foot in your crawl space.

"You might see fog in your windows, you might find that your floors are very cold, you might see that your wood floors are buckling or cracks in your walls. All of these are indications you might have a moisture problem in your crawl space," Shillingburg said.

Basement Systems can take care of the problem, and update your crawl space with EPA recommendations.

Learn more about that process and the benefits on 12 News on Tuesday.

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