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Taylor County Residents Voice Concerns About Route 76 Potholes

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In addition to snow and ice, drivers are dealing with the headache of another winter weather problem: potholes.

But residents in one Taylor County community said they deal with a one-and-a-half mile stretch of them all year long.

"This is the forgotten section of road, and it only seems to get BandAid patches put on, and then they just fall out," said resident Jason Jones.

Jones has lived in Flemington for more than 15 years. He said the roads have been bad for quite some time, and it's not just during the winter months.

"It is bad year-round, and for a lot of us that travel it every day, it's nice to see that when we do get work out here, the patches, or the holes filled with hot mix, but then we go from holes to bumps, and it drives you nuts," said Jones, who lives along Route 76.

"There are dirt roads nearby that are better than our main highway," said resident Karry Jenkins.

Jenkins also lives along Route 76. She said her car has taken a beating from the potholes.

"I've had my car lined up twice this year. I wore my tires out, which aren't that old. It tears your car up," said Jenkins.

But when she crosses into Barbour County? "It's like driving into Heaven. The roads are nice and smooth all the way to Philippi," said Jenkins.

Both Jones and Jenkins say they've tried contacting county officials and the Division of Highways, but so far, no luck.

"I have been online and put in the complaint. That was last year, and nothing came through. I finally had to call in, and finally got to talk to the supervisor, and it was still two to three weeks before they were able to come out. I really can't remember the last time this section of road has been paved," said Jones.

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