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Highland Clarksburg Hospital Continuing to Grow; Adult Unit to Be Open in April

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In August the adolescent section of Highland-Clarksburg Hospital was open, followed by the forensic unit after that. Now one more area is about to be open in the near future.

"We now have 10 patients in the forensics unit who have been transferred to us from Sharpe Hospital, and the unit is operating very smoothly," said Mike Casdorph, Director of Facility Development and Construction.

The unit has 55 beds and new patients are being transferred almost every week.

Casdorph said the hospital is equipped with security features that have been a big help.

"The security features have worked very well. We have over 250 cameras throughout the facility. On the forensics unit particularly we have a card access system for the staff to go back and forth through the facility," Casdorph said.

The hospital still has some work to do, and next up is opening the general adult unit.

"The adult unit will probably open around the first of April. This will be for what we call 'dual diagnosis.' It will be for folks who are drug abuse, substance abuse, alcohol abuse type of activities," explained Casdorph.

Casdorph said the adult unit is voluntary and the stay will generally be between seven to 14 days.

After the adult section is open the hospital will open a section for veterans.

There will also be a job fair held in March to accommodate the new areas.

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