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Finding A Family: Ryan

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Ronald and Ryan- Photo Courtesy Mission WV Ronald and Ryan- Photo Courtesy Mission WV

9-year old Ryan has a lot of energy and right now it's all focused on finding a family.

When Ryan sets his mind on something, he really goes after it. We met him at the SouthRidge Grand Prix Family Fun Center, where Ryan is determined to win the claw machine.

His social worker said Ryan had been excited about this day for weeks, but not because of the games. She said Ryan was excited because this could help him find a family.

"He is all about a family right now. All about it," social worker Annie Lane said. "It has given him something to look forward to every day."

He even came prepared with notes about himself. In it, Ryan described his favorite animals as golden retrievers and how he likes to build with Lego's.

"Mostly what they are built for and other stuff that I can make out of them," Ryan said.

Ryan even admits his room gets pretty messy, but says he always cleans it up.

"He's an open book," Lane said. "He's very, very sweet and he has all the potential in the world."

Ryan imagines taking a trip to the beach with his adoptive family.

"Find seashells and also come back here," Ryan said.

We don't give up on the claw machine until finally we have success.

Through the disappointments, Ryan wouldn't give up, just as he won't give up on his dream to be part of a family.

"Guess what?" Ryan asked me about his future family.

"I might want to stay there for the rest of my life."

Ryan has a brother, Ronald, 15, and placement or visitation with his brother may be a possibility.

If you'd like to learn more about Ryan, Ronald, or any child up for adoption in West Virginia, call Mission West Virginia at 866- CALL MWV Or you can send an email to

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