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WVWC Hosts "Up to Us The Impact of The Unsustainable Debt" Event

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West Virginia Wesleyan College and the Enactus Team held an event on ‘Up to Us, The Impact of The Unsustainable Debt'.  An event discussing how the national debt affects the economy and West Virginia.

WVWC said they are trying to teach their students about the nations debt through the Enactus program.

"So we're trying to reach out to the students and inform the students of what the national debt is, and what they can do as students to help solve the issues within the national debt," said Secretary of Enactus, April Smith.

Tuesday night's speakers were Kevin Stalnaker, Chief Operating Officer for Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, and Dennis Xander, President of Denex Petroleum Corporation. 

Stalnaker explained how debt has and impact on healthcare and Xander spoke on how to cut poor spending to get our country out of debt.

"The national debt is a problem that confronts all of us and it's out of control right now and the interest on the debt is causing us a lot of problems," said President of Denex Petroleum Dennis Xander.

Xander also said he doesn't think people are aware of what the debt means and many don't have a clear meaning of deficit, which is the short fall in revenues and expenses each year.  According to Xander, America is currently 17 Trillion dollars in debt.


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