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New Year, New You: Yoga Available for All Skill Levels

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Yoga is one of the classes offered at both branches of the Harrison County YMCA.

Power yoga, fitness yoga, and traditional yoga are offered for different skill and fitness levels.

Traditional yoga is available three days a week from instructor Brenda Raines.

Raines said yoga has many different benefits.

"Yoga is for strength and flexibility. It is also very good for your mind; it helps you be more at ease. The breathing, meditation, you can get yourself centered. On these slick sidewalks it's good for balance," said Raines.

The yoga class Raines teaches accommodates any skill level. Raines started as a beginner herself a few years ago.

"I was doing cardio on the elliptical and stuff in the cardio room and the instructor then came in with a slip of paper and she was just getting started. She said 'you need to come try this.' I thought maybe there is something to this so I took her class and since day one I was hooked. I've been here ever since and that was about 10 years ago," Raines explained.

Raines takes her classes through a series of movements designed to increase flexibility and strength, but also to help relieve the stress the students might have.

Sonia McGrady said she could feel all of the benefits after just a few sessions.

"I could barely touch my toes before and now I can get into those stretches and you really just feel a good circulation. The deep breathing just really helps you get calm for the day. You really feel it all over your body," said McGrady, a Salem resident.

Raines said the skills she teaches in her class can be taken and used at home.

"They take what they learn here and take it home with them. I have people who can only come one day a week but they do it five days a week," said Raines.

The Y also offers classes on tai chi and Silver Sneakers, along with a nutrition program.

If you are interested in taking any of the aerobic classes and want to become a member, Monday is the last day to register with a discount.  

For more information on class times, or to become a member click here.

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