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Extra Snowfall Slows Local Businesses

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The large snowfall has slowed roads and schools, but with so many snowy days, some local businesses are feeling the pinch, too.

Main Street in Buckhannon was slow today, and not just for drivers. Small businesses in the city said all the days of snowy weather are keeping many people from venturing out to shop.

"Normally there's five or six people in here, and with this snow, there's nobody. It's probably going to be a dead day," said Kurt Morris, who was holding down the fort at Nerducopia after the business owners were snowed in and couldn't make it in to Buckhannon.

For Morris and the owners of Nerducopia, that snow is an even bigger issue, since much of their business comes from outside Upshur County.

"A lot of our people who come here actually come out of Glenville and the further areas, and those people get snowed down. We have a lot of local people but we also have a big hunk of our clientele that are out there, I don't want to say nowhere, but nowhere compared to the closest comic shop," Morris said.

They aren't the only ones feeling the pinch. Rob's Fitness Factory was slow Thursday morning, too, even with a New Year's rush.

"You get your new year's rush, of course, but if it's a week and it's really bad, when you get people renewing their memberships, so if it's bad out, a lot of people won't venture out just to pay a membership they're not even going to use," said employee Ali Bowyer.

But Bowyer said its their customers that also end up losing some as well.

"Luckily most of the time we're not going to lose money of course. If they pay in advance we're going to do OK, but it's actually our customer that's losing out on what they already previously paid for," Bowyer said.

Both businesses said they're looking forward to getting back to business as usual when the weather finally starts to warm up.

"It's hard. It would be hard for any business, because no one comes in, no money comes in, nothing can go out on the shelves," Morris said.

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