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Bad Weather Means Good Sales for Pizza Delivery

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On snowy days, there's not much better than kicking back, staying inside, and ordering pizza delivery to avoid the roads. But what about the person that has to deliver that pizza? It's no small task for them.

"I've been doing this since 1986," said Alan Boring, a delivery driver for Domino's Pizza in Clarksburg. "I'm used to driving on the weather, but still the hills, we don't even try them. It's not worth my car or anybody else's car or anybody to get hurt over a pizza."

Along with the bad weather, however, comes a spike in sales that can make up for any inconvenience on the roadways.

"It doubles," said Boring, referring to the number of delivery sales the store makes on days with bad weather. "I mean, we'll get people that have never even ordered from us." He said that the ratio of delivery sales to in-store sales will also increase dramatically.

Boring said another positive of the snow is that many will be a bit more generous with their tips. He has received tips of up to 20 dollars for when the roads have been rough. 

Those tips only come when the drivers are able to get to work, which is often not possible when the weather was like it was Wednesday morning. The store did not make deliveries during the day-time hours because they did not have enough drivers, according to General Manager Mignon Boring. She said that it is up to the driver to decide whether are not the roads are safe enough for delivery.


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