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Winter Weather Could Lead to Higher Insurance Costs

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Winter weather can cause several problems during and after a storm.

Drivers may have had trouble with the roads Thursday morning, but even after the snow melts there may be more issues in store for the car, house and even your pocket book.

Once the winter weather thaws out potholes will become the next issue for drivers. State Farm Insurance Agent, Lori Vance, said any damage will only get worse.. The longer you ignore it.

"If you do hit a pothole just be sure that if your car starts feeling wobbly, or starts pulling, that you go get that checked out," Vance said. "Most people don't realize that hitting a pothole is a collision loss. So your collision deductible would apply versus your comprehensive deductible."

Vance also said that in most cases the tire isn't covered.

Winter weather doesn't just bring higher costs for car insurance. Fires caused by unfreezing pipes or candles are also cause for concern.

"Just being sure that candles, you're keeping in a safe place," said Vance. "There's about 42 home fires a day that occur just with policy holders across the country with state farm. When you take into account all of the other carriers there's more than that."

There are a number of things to keep an eye on during the winter weather.

Insurance Agents said that frozen pipe claims could be up to $15,000. Some tips include making sure pipes are insulated and to let water drip.

Also, remember to drive slow and swerve around potholes if you can safely. And keep an eye on open flames and candles to prevent house fires.

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