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Marion County Commission Reports County Jail Costs Have Gone Down

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Each county in the state spends hundred of thousands of dollars each year on regional jail costs. Marion County is no different.

At its Wednesday meeting, Marion County Commission said the county's monthly cost for using the North Central Regional Jail has gone down in January.

It said an increase in home confinement and the use of the historic Marion County Jail have both contributed to that.

Butch Tennant from Marion County Commission explained, "Our jail cost was down to $121,000. That's the lowest its been in about a year. So we are using our jail some, the magistrates, the drug court, and daily reports center and home confinement. All working together to keep our jail costs down."

Commissioners said the county was paying an average of more than $150,000 a month in jail costs.

To break it down, it costs $50 a day to house each inmate. Commissioners said that doesn't include additional necessities, such as gas and annual maintenance for the cars that bring the inmate to and from the jail.

Commissioner Tennant said the Marion County Commission paid for more than 2,586 inmates last month. He said there is a lot of things the commission can do with that money and its saving the taxpayers thousands.

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