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DOH: West Virginia 'Ahead of Other States' With Surplus of Rock Salt

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It's safe to say we're taking a beating this winter, and road crews have been out in full force. But while some cities across the country are worried about their supplies, our area is staying ahead of the game.

"West Virginia is sort of ahead of the other states. We have several large sheds that we put in and fill them completely up. That will put us through most even severe winters. And then, as we use, we order," said district manager Greg Phillips of the Division of Highways.

Phillips said the DOH facilities have the capacity to hold up to 25,000 tons of salt.

"Right now, we have about 14,000 tons of salt," said Phillips.

That equates to a lot of ground to cover in North-Central West Virginia.

"...Roughly about 6,000 road miles, we have to plow both sides, that's 12,000 road miles. That's like going all the way across the country and back three times," said Phillips.

"Our problem, a lot of people don't understand, it's the cold weather that's hurting us," said Phillips.

Another potential issue regarding rock salt is the freezing of lakes and rivers, preventing deliveries from coming in.

"Some of them come in on barges, American Salt, and some of the others, we have Carter come in," said Phillips.

So even if the snow doesn't let up the rest of the season, crews will utilize these supplies to keep your roads safe.

"We're still in real good shape. We've got enough to battle three or four weeks of winter. Mother Nature has you, and until she lets you go, and it warms up, we're going to be fighting snow," said Phillips.

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