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Pennsboro Speedway Chains and Locks to be Opened During Workday

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In January a new Ritchie County Agricultural and Fair Association Board of Directors was elected.

Now that board of directors is ready to move forward with improving the Pennsboro Speedway.

The speedway that currently has a lock on the gate will be officially unlocked on Saturday when there will be a workday held to improve the condition of the speedway.

Board member Ashley Ness said this is a big step in the right direction.

"On Saturday we're going to cut these chains and we're going to go inside and start the rebirth of the Ritchie County Fairgrounds. I think the community is excited about it and I think we'll see tomorrow as the trucks and the trailers line up and the people with their chainsaws and weedeaters. Its time to beautify this old girl and bring her back to life," said Ness.

The workday will begin on Saturday at 9 a.m. and the chains will be cut at 10 a.m.


Last Friday night hundreds of residents showed up at the Pennsboro Women's Club to cast their vote for the Ritchie County Agricultural and Fair Association Board of Directors.

"I want to thank everybody that stood in the long lines we did have. The election did not go the way we wanted it to go, but the people really stood up and the numbers show that they wanted the chance and they stood in the cold and made it happen," said Ashley Ness, one of the new board members.

Thirteen people were elected to the new board including Ness, Ronnie Dodd, and Gary Gilmore. They explained what they hope to see happen with the legendary Pennsboro Speedway and Fairgrounds.

"They're going to be able to have kids come in here. Have functions like ball games and things like that. I want to see tennis courts built, so they can have tennis here for the kids. We got a big supper planned so we can bring the people together," said Gilmore.

Dodd said they will try to accommodate all requests from the public.

"Right now the Ellenboro bash has already contacted us and they will have that here in the future. If they want trade days if they want races back here it's now the people of the county's, what they want not what we want," Dodd explained.

All three men agreed the Speedway now belongs to the residents.

"We want to let the people feel like it's their fairgrounds again. I think you'll see a big change around here in the next year or so," Ness said.

The 13 people elected to the board included: 

Greg Barnes

Diane Cox

Darren Dodd

Ronnie Dodd

Gary Gilmore

Curtis Hackathorn

Christa Dotson

Frank Horner

Larry Horner

John Hudkins

Donnie Jones

Frank Wilson Jr.

Ashley Ness

To keep up with what's going on at the Pennsboro Speedway you can visit this Facebook page.

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