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Harrison County Street Crimes and Drug Unit Predicts Drug Activity for 2014

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The Harrison County Street Crimes and Drug Unit made more than 200 drug related arrests and seized more than $200,000 worth of drugs in 2013.

Chief Deputy Jeffrey McAtee said it was all done for the public's best interest.

"We ask each other every time we investigate a case 'if this was my neighborhood what would I want done if I had to live there?' If the answer to that is a long investigation that's what we'll do. If the answer to that is to get this guy off the street then that's what we do," explained McAtee.

Since 2009, the unit's focus has shifted toward narcotics, but it also tries to get guns off the streets and handle issues like prostitution.

McAtee said there are a couple of things the unit predicts it will see in 2014.

"We think we'll continue to see an increase in heroin traffic. Right now Harrison County is inundated with heroin. It's probably our number one problem right now," McAtee said.

Harrison County Prosecutor Joe Shaffer agreed that heroin will be a top issue to focus on.

"They're flooding the market with their heroin and it's laced with fentanyl which is going to cause overdose in the area and may have already caused a couple last week," said Shaffer.

The unit also expects meth production to increase.

In order to keep all the residents of this county safe the Harrison County Street Crimes and Drug Unit and the Drug Task Force have to work hand in hand to do just that.

"These are the dealers that ruin our neighborhoods very quickly. It's very important to get these people off the streets while the Greater Harrison Violent Crime and Drug Task Force works on the bigger dealers. The SCAD unit will work on the low level street dealer that is causing our neighborhoods to look horrible. They're committing other crimes while they're out there on the street so it's really worked really well," Shaffer said.

Now both of those units will work with the new Mountaineer Highway Interdiction Team to end the war on drugs.

Shaffer said he couldn't be prouder of the SCAD unit's numbers in 2013 and says it will work just as hard in 2014.

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