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Restaurant Road Trip: Hometown Hotdogs

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Hometown Hotdogs in White Hall has made a name for itself in Marion County, and business isn't slowing down anytime soon.

For owners Rodney and Jennifer Michael, making a living in the hot dog business is a no-brainer.

"I have a little wirehaired wiener dog. His name is Dox. He's kind of a big deal around here, a lot of people know him." said Jennifer.

"He's our mascot - we actually have him in a parade every year," said Rodney.

But the wiener-dog theme isn't the only reason dozens of customers, both regulars and newcomers, line up at the counter.

"We hustle. We get them in and out," said Jennifer.

"And they come back for dinner sometimes, too. So we take care of them," said Rodney.

The restaurant is not just for those craving the made-to-order hot dogs, customers know there's more to choose from.

"I'll get everything medium. Sometimes I'll go hot, or even the Lava dog," said customer Nick Haddix.

"I'm not a hotdog eater, but they have a lot of selection. The steak hoagies are really good," said customer Stacie Larew.

"People love the funnel cake fries. That was just a little dessert thing we added for the kids," said Rodney.

"[We have] pepperoni rolls, chicken salads, we make our own homemade ranch," said Jennifer.

And the atmosphere? Well, it may not be a football field or a basketball court but Fairmont's East-West rivalry is alive and well inside Hometown Hotdogs.

"We both are from East Side, but we're in the center of East-West and North Marion in the county, so we showcase it all here," said Jennifer.

And it's that hometown feeling that keeps everyone coming back.

"It's my son and my favorite place to eat, we come after church usually...good father/son time," said customer Dorsey Larew.

You'll find Hometown Hotdogs on Middletown Road in White Hall.

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