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Finding a Family: Cody Becomes a Ghostbuster

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Since we featured 16-year-old Cody in his homemade Ghostbuster gear, groups of other Ghostbuster fans have been at work to make him an official member of the team and a member of a family.

It was a tense scene at the Children's Home Society office in Charleston just before 1 p.m. Saturday.

A half dozen guys dressed up a Ghostbusters unpacked items and checked through a list of unusual items like gloves, belt fobs, and a PKE meter.

They are all items collected and donated from Ghostbuster groups across the country.

"When we saw Cody's story... we knew this had to happen. This just had to happen," said Kevin Pauley, a member of the Ghostbusters West Virginia Division.

The group wanted to make Cody an official member, with a certificate and ID badge with his name on them. They were laid out next to a cake reading 'Welcome Cody' and adorned with frosting ghosts.

Cody was told the Home Society needed him there that afternoon to hunt a ghost. Instead, he walked into this surprise and a new group ready to welcome and mentor him.

Pauley led the members and Cody through a tour of his new gear, including a 'proton pack' worth more than $1,000.

"We wanted you to have as much of the official gear as we could gear you up with so that when you join us at parades and events and stuff you get to look as official as anybody in the room," Pauley explained.

Cody now has a group of "crazy uncles" as Pauley called the Ghostbuster group, to visit conventions, pop culture events, parades and share their interest in movies and ghost hunting in general.

Advocates hope more people offer to get involved with kids like Cody.

"It's the fact that people, volunteers, that don't get paid for this take time out of their lives on a Saturday, to make a child's wish come true," said Andrea Morris, with the Children's Home Society. "People don't understand how important it is to get involved with kids, especially kids that are in the system."

Cody's response was mostly "whoa" to his new gear and calls his new team members "awesome," but Pauley said their work is not yet done.

Cody is part of their Ghostbuster family, but is still waiting for an adoptive family to welcome them into their lives.

"This is all cool, this is all fun this is great, but this would be the icing on the cake if we get him the family," Pauley said of the presentation.  "By getting his story back out there, by showing people how cool he is, how interesting he is, how funny he is, I hope someone sees this and says 'I need that kid in my life. I can make a difference in his life, he can make a difference in mine, " Pauley said. "I can promise you this, in just the short time I've spent with him, he would make an instant impact on someone's life in the best way possible."

Pauley also pointed out that whatever home welcomes Cody won't have to worry about ghosts.

If you'd like to learn more about Cody, or any child up for adoption in West Virginia, call Mission West Virginia at 866- CALL MWV Or you can send an email to

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