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Harrison County Street Crimes and Drug Unit Numbers Are in for 2013

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The Harrison County Street Crimes and Drug Unit has been working since 2009 to keep drugs like heroin, bath salts, and methamphetamines off the street. Recently the numbers came out that revealed how well it did just that in 2013.

The Harrison County SCAD unit made 224 arrests in 2013, 80% of them were drug related.

Chief Deputy Jeffrey McAtee said some of those drug-related arrests were very important to the unit.

"In 2013 the year started off in a bath salt epidemic. The Hot Stuff Cool Things investigation shut down the one spot where you could get that drug. After it was shut down bath salts went underground. We identified those organizations and we targeted those leaders of the organizations, one even referring to himself as 'the bath salt king," said McAtee.

That investigation led to arrests and the unit seizing more than $100,000 in assets.

After major bath salt operations were dealt with, the next problem was heroin.

"Most of our heroin traffic is coming from Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. We noticed gang members coming here bringing 10's of thousands of dollars worth of heroin. The profit margin from Pittsburgh to West Virginia is about five to one," McAtee explained.

McAtee said the unit also dealt with meth, and prescription drug dealing at 'pain clinics.'

"People are actually recruiting and paying other people to go to ‘pain clinics' and turn their prescriptions over to them so they can sell them on the streets. The street value of a Percocet, a single pill is worth $35 on the street," McAtee said.

In total the SCAD unit seized more than $200,000 worth of drugs in 2013.

Tune in to 12 News on Thursday for more on what the SCAD unit did in 2013, and what is expected this year.

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