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Marion County To Provide Emergency Absentee Voting For Municipal Election

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The municipal election is just a few months away, and Marion County wants to make sure its ahead of the game.

Commissioners discussed emergency absentee voting at Wednesday's meeting with County Clerk, Janice Cosco.

Cosco stressed the importance in making sure everyone has a chance to vote in the upcoming elections, whether they can get to the polls or not.

The Commission signed an order to allow anyone who is in a hospital or nursing home to have a ballot brought to them.

County workers will bring the ballots to the hospital or nursing home and it doesn't matter if it is within the county or not.

Commission said it hopes this will improve voter turnout.

"Every election we have to do this. So we just want to publicize it for somebody that has somebody in a nursing home or is in the hospital at that time and couldn't make it in. They still have their privileges to vote," said Butch Tennant, Marion County Commission President.

Municipal elections will be held May 13, 2014.

For more information on emergency absentee voting, contact Janice Cosco in the County Clerk's office. The number is (304) 367-5440.

All you need is proof that you are a resident of Marion County, according to officials.

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