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Test it Tuesday: The Air Curler

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For this week's Test it Tuesday Katie Dugan and Gretchen Ross tried out a highly requested product that could shorten your morning routine, the Air Curler.

They put the commercial's claims to the test to see if it gives you the perfect curl.

They also tested to see if you can get the perfect curl in 20 seconds and if the air curler can give you "Hollywood hair" as Gretchen calls it.

But, the Air Curler didn't live up to Gretchen's high expectations.

The Air Curler didn't curl Gretchen's hair in 20 seconds, it left it looking the same.

It also fell off the hair dryer after turning on the hair dryer.

Here's Gretchens final review:

"Well, it only curled my hair just a little bit, one piece and it actually took longer than my hair styling products. So.. not too favorable."

If you have an "As Seen On TV" product that you'd like to see tested out, let Katie Dugan know either on her facebook by clicking HERE, or you can send her an email at kdugan@wboy.com

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