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Harrison-Taylor 911 Center Always Prepared for Increased Call Volume During Bad Weather

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When a winter storm hits like it did on Monday that can mean bad roads and a lot of accidents, but local emergency services around the area are prepared for weather events just like that one.

"We make sure we're staffed appropriately and see what's coming up. Our people are really good about prioritizing and fielding the calls and getting the information we need and moving on," said Paul Bump, Harrison-Taylor 911 Director.

Bump said Monday's storm wasn't any ordinary weather event.

"Yesterday was the worst driving day coming in. We had a lot of trucks getting hung up on hills and curbs. That layer of snow on top of that crunchy ice was not a pleasure to drive in," Bump said.

Bump said that when those winter storms hit, the Harrison-Taylor 911 center tries to be prepared with extra personnel.

"We'll have people hang around if it looks like it's getting busy and we'll play it by ear if it happens and the admin staff will come out and help if the phone volume gets heavy," Bump explained.

Bump said the one thing that the public can do to help out the 911 center is to only call if you have an emergency.

"If you need a fire truck, if you need an ambulance, if you need a police officer call us. If you are trying to find out if a road is clear don't call us, if you are trying to find out if school is open don't call us, save us for emergencies please. Follow your local media to see what else is going on in the community as far as school closings, meetings being canceled, and that kind of thing," explained Bump.

With these last few storms Bump said he can see a pattern developing, after a day or two of bad weather the call volume decreases because people will start to stay home and not drive.

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