FHF: Ellamore Volunteer Fire Department

Welcome to this months edition of fire house Friday. This month we're at the Ellamore VFD in Upshur County. Lets find out a little more about the department right now.

"Our first due runs Upshur County, Barbour County and Randolph. We set right on the boarder so we run 33 to the Barbour County line and we mutual aid with Colton," said Ellamore's Chief Jamie Pugh.

The department averages over one hundred calls a year, but their average increased dramatically during Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

Pugh explained, "The biggest thing was the October storm last year. We got our first call about 7-o'clock that night and we went out on it and we got back at the station about six the following evening we was out. As fast as you can cut the trees and get the road open they was more falling behind ya. Luckily we didn't have too many emergencies. We had one tree fall on a ladies house and it took us up to two and a half hours to get up the holler to get her cut out. We opened our station as a shelter with the Red Cross."

Firefighters, paid or volunteer, can be dangerous.  For Pugh, one call can very close to being his last. 

"I was on the scene of one call and the guy that was in with me go ahold of the hose on my air mask and jerked my mask off; then I couldn't find my way back out and I thought this is it, but the guys went on out and a couple of the guys that was there to back us up they come in and drug me out," said Chief Pugh.

For Firehouse Fridays, I'm Jason Parrish.

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