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Buffalo Wild Wings Gears Up for Super Bowl

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"Madness. In every aspect of the word. It's going to be crazy and fun all at the same time. Controlled chaos. Best thing in the world."

This is how Bridgeport Buffalo Wild Wings cook Patrick Robertson describes Super Bowl Sunday. The day is one of the biggest for the restaurant each year as they prepare for the mass influx of orders for dine-in, take-out and catering.

"It's a massive take-out day," said Billy Guhl, the restaurant's Assistant General Manager. "We'll be packed inside the house, but everybody wants to show off their new TV."

In order to prepare for the rush, the store has brought in reinforcements. In storage right now, they have over 125 carts of wings. Each cart holds 40 pounds of wings which translates to about 200 total wings. That means that the restaurant has over 25,000 wings waiting for their call to action.

The Super Bowl forces the restaurant to stock up on more than just food, though. Guhl said they will bring in extra staff to accommodate for all of the orders.

"We definitely have to stack the front of the house to make sure everybody's taken care of there," Guhl said. "Kitchen. Wow. We have to bring out all of our aces. That will be a rough day for those gentlemen back there."

Robertson said that he is up to the task - as long as he gets his share of caffeine in the morning.

"You just run around like a chicken with your head cut off," Robertson said. "It's nothing but action non-stop."

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