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Lewis County Residents Aiming To Bring Back Memorial Day Parade

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Weston businessman, Bob Golden said when he was younger, the Weston Memorial Day Parade was a serious event, and everyone who came out for it would dress up for the occasion.

"I could just remember when my father came home from the military, and we would come to town for the parade. Of course, everyone was wearing a suit, everybody wore a hat, everyone saluted the flag, and Main Street was packed," said Golden.

Now he and other community members are trying to bring the tradition back stronger than it has been. They're also getting help from the Mountaineer Military Museum. Owner Ron McVaney said they're seeing more than just veterans coming to the museum.

"The families are getting involved. They're bringing their wives into the museum here, and I think they're getting out to where people can see them," McVaney said.

Golden and McVaney are both looking forward to seeing the streets of Weston full of cheering crowds again this year. And for VFW member Bill Fultineer, who's helping to plan the parade, it means even more: it's a chance for him to honor his friends who served with him.

"It's a way that those of us who have served can honor those brothers of ours who never made it home, and to keep their memory alive," said Fultineer.

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