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People Shopping For Newer Vehicles During Winter Season

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One affect of the cold weather is people are shopping for newer vehicles. 

Dealerships said car buyers are looking for a change when they have to deal with these slick roads or passing snowfall.

"When you have the weather we've had recently. They've got to stop and really think about it," said Dennis Crawford, sales manager for Jenkins Ford in Buckhannon.

Car shoppers often look for a better way to get around when winter weather hits. It's a decision that comes down to what they want to buy and what they need to get by.

"A lot of people are taking a second look. A rear wheel drive vehicle or some front wheel drive vehicles. They're looking towards an all wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicle," Crawford said.

Vehicles like a four-wheel drive truck or all-wheel drive car seem to be in high demand for motorists this time of year. Buyers look for a number of things before signing on the dotted line.

"Most of all people want to feel safe while they're traveling. They want to feel secure, they want their family members to feel secure. So that's a lot of it, piece of mind," Crawford said.

It's not just car or truck sales that bring in business to dealers. Body shops and service departments also see their share of business this time of year, thanks in large part to the weather.

"It brings us a lot of business to the body shop and the service department. Things like sliding into the curbs and popping tires, and things like that. You know a lot of fender benders, and of course there are more serious accidents as well," Crawford said.

Despite U.S. auto sales suffering a downturn in 2009, sales have been in recovery mode. That's good news for buyers and dealerships in the area.

"That's really exciting for us. There's new products coming out. There's new things on the horizon. We're really looking forward to having a great year," Crawford said.

Now as automakers come out with newer products they'll also be offering great deals to bring in shoppers.

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