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Harrison County Homeless Count Underway Despite Frigid Temperatures

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After weeks of preparation the Harrison County Homeless Count by the 100,000 Homes Campaign is underway. It's a project that will get those who need it most into housing.

"We're trying to do this homeless survey to see what people's status is. We want to see who is the most vulnerable of the homeless that would be out there," said Jim Harris, one of the volunteers for the campaign.

The survey will tell the campaign who needs housing the most, and those people will be given somewhere to live.

Nine teams went out to different communities in Harrison County on both Tuesday and Wednesday with an impressive turnout.

More than 60 volunteers were out in the early morning hours searching areas where they might find the homeless population, but the weather conditions made things difficult.

"We think that at minus seven or eight degrees that folks have hunkered down somewhere that they're inside," explained Harris.

One of the main organizers of the campaign, Rhonda Lindsey, said not finding many people is discouraging, but was also expected.

"This is what we were expecting. We're kind of glad. Its mixed feelings but we're glad they're not out there in this weather right now. The signs are out there that they are living on the streets somewhere but at least right now they're finding shelter," said Lindsey, with the Clarksburg-Harrison Regional Housing Authority.

The volunteers will be out again at 4 a.m. on Thursday, but this isn't the last time this year they'll be surveying the homeless.

"We're talking about for Harrison County doing a survey in the summertime as well. We know that there are people who are living outdoors who really are in need of housing and we'll try to survey those folks later in the year," Harris said.

The survey is only required once a year, but the Harrison County volunteers want to do more.

"That's required by HUD to be done the last two weeks of January. We know that we'll have better results with finding the people we're looking for later in the warmer months," said Lindsey.

If you know anyone who is homeless or in need of a place to live call the Clarksburg Mission at 304-622-2451.

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