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Test it Tuesday: The Cat's Meow

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For this week's Test it Tuesday our web producer, Kaitryn Wetzel, brought her cat in to try out the Cat's Meow.

We tried different things from the infomercial, like sound level, if it keeps the cat entertained, if older cats like the toy, and the durability of the fabric.

We found that the Cat's Meow is pretty quiet on both carpet, hardwood floor and tile.

Kaitryn's cat will get bored with the toy occasionally, so she only uses it every once in a while so that her cat, Widow, will be excited when she brings it out again.

The older cat that tried the Cat's Meow wasn't very interested in it.

The fabric rips after being used a few times where the piping is.

Overall, Kaityrn says that for the younger, playful house cat she recommends the Cat's Meow, saying it lives up to the expectation for her cat. 


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