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Marion County Commission Receives Grant Toward Courthouse Revitalization Project

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The Marion County Commission has been waiting several years for all of the components to be in place so that improvements could be made to the county courthouse.

It recently received a $100,000 grant through the Courthouse Facilities Improvement Authority to get the project started.

The commission said it took a while to find a contractor for the project which put it behind schedule.

In 2012, Commissioner Butch Tennant said: "I'm pretty sure we've had two or three tell us if they didn't have to do all the paperwork they would do that job."

That paperwork was a 40 page document of preservation requirements.

The commission is planning to use the grant money to make necessary repairs to the courthouse dome, skylights, and murals.

Commissioners said the biggest problems are the leaks and the water damage. It has been nearly three years since any work has been done.

As part of the grant, the Marion County Commission will match $20,000 of the $100,000 rewarded.

The commission said weather may play a factor on when construction will actually begin.

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