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Weather Conditions Need to Be Extreme for a State of Emergency to Be Declared

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With all of the snow, cold, ice, and bad driving conditions it might seem like an emergency situation but it turns out it has to be much worse for a state of emergency to be declared.

"The emergency services directors in the municipalities in the counties have to expend all of our recourses and need to go up the chain to get more things to deal with the situations. This weather has proven to be long term and have a pretty good impact on us but we are able to manage what is happening," explained Shaunda Rauch, Director of Emergency Services in Bridgeport.

Rauch said a state of emergency isn't declared unless it's completely necessary, and the last time it happened it was.

"It was a very extreme event that we had and our equipment was not able to get out and we couldn't treat the roads. It was so dangerous that we could not allow people to be on the roads so the state of emergency was released that there was to be no transportation at the time," Rauch said.

Even though a state of emergency hasn't been declared for this series of bad weather, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared.

Rauch said each city's emergency services department is there to help.

"We have our NIXLE system which we put out information so people realize up front that there is something happening. We also have our Facebook and Twitter pages where we give people details about what they can do and how they can lessen the impact of the upcoming storm or event," Rauch explained.

Rauch said the most important thing for her is giving valuable information to anyone who needs it.

"It's just the greater sense of awareness and where they can go to get information. A lot of times we don't know is it really a threat is something I need to be aware of? It's important for them to know where they can get the right information that will be accurate and true," said Rauch.

It seems the snow is slowing down for a few days which means you have a chance to prepare for the next round of bad weather.

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