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Tax Preparation Mascots Endure Frigid Conditions During Tax Season

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You may have noticed that tax season is just around the corner.

You also may have realized that from Statue of Liberty's dancing with signs in your area. Liberty Tax Service has the sign wavers out in full force now, even in frigid conditions.

But Connie Stemple, a manager at Liberty Tax says they take care of those workers during the winter.

"Our wavers, we baby them, and they deserve it. When it gets into this terrible climate we've had with these temperatures we bring them in every 30 minutes to give them hot chocolate and snacks," said Connie Stemple, Liberty Tax Service.

The statues aren't out there braving the weather for no reason. Stemple said that with them out there dancing and waving signs it brings in a lot of business.

"Our wavers are our bread and butter. We wouldn't be here without them. A nice friendly smile or a handshake on the sidewalk in this weather is the best thing to get. Like I said they are our bread and butter and bring in a lot of clients for us," Stemple said.

There are statues in different parts of Clarksburg including Pike Street, by Hardees, and in other cities as well. 

Liberty Tax Service is now offering income tax preparation. You can find a list of locations across West Virginia by clicking here.

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